How it all started with Ivy Creek

I've always been interested in natural products ever since I was a kid. My Mom has frequented whole food stores and seen holistic doctors all throughout my childhood. I've used oils, vitamins, minerals, and other types of things since I was a little girl.

Becoming an adult and a new mother, maybe not in that order, you learn that there are thousands of harsh chemicals that you put in and on your body throughout the day. We eat real food, not food-like products. We have a garden, and we try to get natural, grass-fed meat for our diets.

I started making simple, homemade laundry detergent and dish-washing detergent a few years ago. The price alone of the famous brand laundry detergents was enough to sway me to start making it to save money. Then I looked at the chemical ingredients and harsh fragrances and knew that homemade was definitely the answer.

Throughout childhood and into adulthood, I've ALWAYS had super dry skin. The winters were the worst. I almost would have to bathe in lotion to prevent dry, flaky skin. I didn't realize that the shower gels, shampoos, and soaps were stripping my skin of all of it's natural oils. 

My hair has also been super thick and dry. I would have to add oils back to my hair after washing and conditioning. This too was due to store bought chemicals that would strip all of the moisture out of my hair. 

Ivy Creek can help change that. Ivy Creek can help break the addiction to harsh chemicals.

All items made by Ivy Creek are researched thoroughly to ensure that the bases, carrier oils, and therapeutic grade essential oils are 100% safe. All jewelry is handmade by Ivy Creek. 

All Ivy Creek products are made in an Ivy Creek dedicated workshop space.  If you have any type of, scent, or essential oil wise......please let me know in advance. I will take special precautions to ensure there are no outside allergens in your products to prevent reactions. If you do not know of these allergic reactions prior to your order, Ivy Creek is not responsible for any issues that may occur.

Special orders can be requested and are encouraged. Don't see the essential oil scent or Premium skin safe fragrance oil you want? That's OK. Request it. I'll let you know if we can meet your request or not. If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask.

If you want to find out more about Ivy Creek,