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Ivy Creek

Ivy Creek Shower Fizzies, Shower Aromatherapy, Natural, Holistic, Sinus Fizzies

Ivy Creek Shower Fizzies, Shower Aromatherapy, Natural, Holistic, Sinus Fizzies

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Elevate your shower experience with these invigorating Shower Fizzies. Designed for those who prefer showers or are short on time, these fizzies release an uplifting and sinus-clearing aroma, awakening your mind and body.

Simply place a Shower Fizzy in the bottom of the shower, allowing the water to activate its fizzing action. As it dissolves, the aromatic steam fills your shower space, creating a spa-like ambiance and providing a refreshing boost to your senses.

Each Shower Fizzy lasts for one shower when placed directly in the water stream. If positioned in the shower but away from the direct flow of water, it can last for multiple showers, allowing you to enjoy the benefits over time.

Choose from a variety of delightful scents, or even request a specific scent that suits your preferences. For enhanced sinus clearing, Menthol Crystals can be incorporated into the Shower Fizzies.

Please note that due to the presence of Menthol Crystals, this product is not recommended for use in the bath or directly on the skin. It is specifically designed for use in the shower.


"Love love love the shower fizzies! Jami, thank you so much for helping me decide on scents and being so quick to deliver. These were bought as gifts, and so far everyone loves them! They smell amazing!"

"Wonderful smells coming from the mailbox!!! These fizzies last 2-3 showers, so you really get bang for your buck!!! Fast shipping. Carefully packaged."

"Oh my, the smell is incredible!!! I cannot wait to put this in my shower after my long day!!"

Indulge in the delightful scents and rejuvenating experience of these Shower Fizzies. Transform your shower routine into a rejuvenating and aromatic self-care ritual.

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