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Ivy Creek

Ivy Creek No 25 | Macintosh Apple | Soy Blend Candle | Hand Poured | 7 oz | Cotton Wick

Ivy Creek No 25 | Macintosh Apple | Soy Blend Candle | Hand Poured | 7 oz | Cotton Wick

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Indulge in the nostalgic scent of fresh Macintosh Apples with our No 25 Macintosh Apple 7 oz Soy Blend Candle. This hand-poured candle captures the classic, crisp aroma of apples picked right from the tree, creating a delightful and inviting atmosphere.

The fragrance profile of this candle is carefully crafted to replicate the refreshing scent of Macintosh Apples. The top notes of pear and green leaves provide a subtle hint of freshness, while the prominent apple note beautifully captures the essence of the fruit. The base notes of cedar and vanilla add warmth and depth to the fragrance, creating a well-rounded and captivating aroma experience.

Handcrafted in small batches, our candles are made with a soy blend wax and a cotton wick, ensuring a clean and even burn every time. With a burn time of approximately 40-50 hours, you can enjoy the delightful scent of Macintosh Apples for an extended period.

The No 25 Macintosh Apple candle is thoughtfully made with a cotton wick, phthalate-free fragrance oil, essential oil, and a soy blend wax. This combination of high-quality ingredients guarantees a safe and enjoyable burning experience.

Create a cozy and inviting ambiance in your home with the No 25 Macintosh Apple Soy Blend Candle. It is perfect for everyday use, as a gift for loved ones, or to enhance the atmosphere during special occasions.

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